Grass Fed Beef (Bulk)

Grass Fed Beef (Bulk)


Bulk Pricing

  • Whole Beef: $3.50/pound*
  • 1/2 Beef (Side): $3.50/pound*
  • Quarter: $3.75/pound*


1. Preorder beef with us. Pay $100 deposit at time of order.

2. We will notify you when we deliver animal to the butcher.

3. You will then call the butcher to complete the cut sheet.

4. Once beef is ready, we will contact you to coordinate delivery/pick up.

5. Remainder of payment to Moyer Farms and to processor will be due prior to delivery.


* Prices are based on hanging weight which is roughly 60% of live weight. Average live weight is 1250 pounds; average hanging weight is 750 pounds. Our prices do not include processing fees. Processing fees average $0.70-$0.75/pound of hanging weight which equals roughly $525-$600 for a whole beef. A whole beef will yield approximately 450 pounds of packaged meat. Average price for packaged meat, including processing fees, is approximately $7.00-$7.20/pound.