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Almost everything in our store has either been grown by us or by other local growers.  If there is a veggie you like that we don’t grow or a pickled veggie you would like, let us know.  We hope you enjoy the store as much as we do!       


We are open from late May to October 31 (We will post when we open.)



Monday-Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

We accept EBT cards.



~Veggies and melons galore 

~Moyer Farms grass fed and finished beef 

~Raw honey from our own hives or from other local hives 

~Tea Biotics kombucha 

~Fermented and canned goods from local farms

~Apples and peaches from local orchards 

~Locally produced elderberry juice 

~Pumpkins, gourds, mums, straw, and fall décor 

~Soaps made by Nathan’s mom, Laura Moyer


Local Connections

Thank you to the following local businesses (we hope to keep adding to this list!):


  1. Kansas City Canning Company for canned goods using our produce (Kansas City, MO)

  2. Kansas City Food Hub for purchasing our product to sell to local markets

  3. Fort Osage School District for purchasing our product (Fort Osage, MO)

  4. Chicken and Pickle for purchasing our product (Kansas City, MO)

  5. Brass Onion for purchasing our product (Overland Park, KS)

  6. She Shed Creations for our signs (Richmond, MO)

  7. Details for artwork and marketing materials (Richmond, MO)

  8. Tea Biotics for kombucha (Olathe, KS)

  9. Laura Moyer for handmade soaps (Richmond, MO)

  10. Fair Share Farms for fermented foods (Kearney, MO)

  11. Red Ridge Farms, Flavor Market for canned goods (Holt, MO)

  12. River Hills Harvest for elderberry juice (Hartsburg, MO)

  13. 2 Men and a Garden for canned goods (St. Louis, MO)

  14. Little Green Garden for cut flowers (Hardin, MO)

  15. River Imprints for shirts (Hardin, MO)

  16. Show Me Logos for sweatshirts (Liberty, MO)

Moyer Farms

12634 Hwy 13

Richmond, MO  64085

Nathan Moyer (816) 500-1965

Erin Moyer (816) 694-8552

1.5 miles north of Richmond, Missouri on the West side of Highway 13

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