About the Farm

Moyer Farms is a family owned produce farm in Richmond, MO.  We started the business in 2011 with two simple goals:  provide a good life for our family and grow healthy food.  We work hard to achieve these goals and are proud to be growing high quality food for people.  


We grow a variety of produce, including tomatoes, sweet corn, arugula, kale, greens, onions, garlic, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe to name a few. We also raise grass fed beef and bottle raw honey from our own or other local bee hives.  Our season wraps up in the fall with pumpkins, gourds, mums, straw and various fall décor.   


You can find us at:

  1. Moyer Farms Produce Market

  2. Overland Park Farmers Market

  3. Liberty Farmers Market


You can shop online at:


  2. Moyer Farms Facebook page

  3. Follow us on Instagram or on FB for updates 


We sell wholesale product to various markets in the Kansas City area, including:

  1. Kansas City Food Hub

  2. Local restaurants and schools

  3. Distribution markets like C&C Produce 

  4. Contact us at or call            816-500-1965 if you are interested in purchasing wholesale product 


More Details

Our farm is constantly adapting to the challenges and opportunities each year brings.  Mother Nature definitely keeps us on our toes!  As finances allow, we add more greenhouses and/or high tunnels each year to give us more weather protection and extend our season.  


We also continue to add on to our hydroponic systems for our expanding greens business and to give us more organic options.  We are not completely organic for our produce grown in the dirt, but we do our best to minimize chemical use and take care of our land.  


Here are some highlights of our operation:


  1. GAP certified since 2019 (Good Agricultural Practices implemented to maintain food safety)

  2. Raise between 40-60 acres of produce throughout the season  

  3. 60’ x 100’ climate controlled barn with a 20’ x 60’ cooler to safely store product

  4. Produce is grown in open fields, high tunnels, and greenhouses

  5. Hydroponic systems for greens

  6. Use solar for our energy source

  7. Plant cover crops annually 

  8. Follow sustainable crop rotation practices

Moyer Farms

12634 Hwy 13

Richmond, MO  64085

Nathan Moyer (816) 500-1965

Erin Moyer (816) 694-8552

1.5 miles north of Richmond, Missouri on the West side of Highway 13

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