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Moyer Farms Family


We (Nathan and Erin) started Moyer Farms in an effort to build a farming business that could not only provide for our 4 kids, but also include them. We are both 2nd generation farmers and know the agricultural world well (the good, the bad, and the ugly!). Our farm journey has been full of successes and failures that have taught us to be creative and resilient. 

Nathan has always been in agriculture. Growing up, he worked many hours on his parent’s produce farm. He graduated from Northwest Missouri University in 1999 with a bachelors in agricultural business. He worked for over 15 years in the agricultural industry, gaining valuable business and agronomy skills on his path to farming on his own. He has been farming full time since 2016. 

Erin graduated from the University of Missouri in 1998 with a bachelors in agricultural economics and from the University of Kansas in 2003 with a bachelors in nursing.  She is the bookkeeper for the farm and has been working as a registered nurse since 2003.  She is a wellness junky and believes strongly in the importance of good food for good health!

The Moyer kiddos have been a part of the farm from the beginning. They have gone from making mud pies to becoming some of the best help we could ask for.  But life is certainly not all farm and no play. They keep us busy running after them for all of their sports.  So if you can't find us on the farm, chances are we are at some gym or event watching the kids!

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